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Namita Trensky, counsellor and spiritual healing practitioner

Spiritual healing supports health, balance, harmony and well-being 


What is spiritual healing?

Spiritual healing is a service that supports healing on all levels of your being (psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual) where there is a spiritual cause to ill-health. It can also assist the development of balance and harmony on these different levels of our being.

Spiritual healing has been a practice used in many cultures and societies around the world, as well as in First Nation societies. In Central Australian indigenous communities, for example, they refer to their traditional healers as Ngangkari. These skills are passed on from generation to generation, and continue to be practiced alongside western medicine. Over recent decades, Reiki healing has come into popularity in western societies. Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of hands-on-healing, which loosely translated refers to “universal life and energy”.

Spiritual healing when combined with counselling, for example, can assist you to overcome anxiety and depression and to cultivate self-forgiveness, understanding, acceptance and compassion. Spiritual healing can lead to an unfolding of the relationship with one’s higher self: “when we embark on a journey of spiritual healing we begin to open the doors to a wondrous and expansive world, which is known as the inner world. It is a world that many live their lives unconscious of, while others spend life enjoying the richness and fulfilment that comes from knowing it.” (Tarajyoti Govinda, The Healing Hands of Love, p 19). Tarajyoti is referring to the wellspring within, which I have written about on my other website… .

“Spiritual healing [performed at the Healing Wellspring] is the transmitting of Light and energy of a high vibrating matter into the auric field of another…” (Tarajyoti Govinda, The Healing Hands of Love, p 30). Spiritual healing is a grace, enabled by the Holy Spirit. Spiritual healing is a science in and of itself, identified and described in a book by Alice A. Bailey called Esoteric Healing (published by Lucis Trust). 

The Way to the Wellspring Within…

Accessing the wellspring within involves building one’s relationship with one’s higher Self, or true Self, through such activities as meditation, spiritual practices, service to others, healings and therapy. This may take many years, and the path can be a rocky, windy road, that at times feels precarious and lonely, but turns out to be the most beautiful, preeminent path in life. It can require humility and courage, as we outgrow and let go of unhelpful habits and process deep emotional pains. This transformation can feel like the personal ego is at times being stripped away, but is actually a revisioning of who we are. With the letting go of ‘what we are not’ the gems of our real self slowly emerge into consciousness. The radiant light of those gems can shine into our outer life, through feelings of liberation, empowerment and love for self, others and the life you live. What we previously held as important is often reconfigured to align with the truth of the higher Self. Awareness of the higher Self can require such skills as a capacity to; calm the mind, be discerning, regulate emotion, to be loving and caring. It also helps to be living a balanced and disciplined way of life. As the lower self transforms, self-love replaces self-hate, self-acceptance from self-repulsion, and self-forgiveness, compassion and joy become a more common experience. New capacities and motivations can emerge, such as a passion to work and act for something greater than you or something for the common good.

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